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DSC00592_2Owners, Greg and Michelle first saw Godardís work at the "Oh My Godard! Gallery" in the Heavenly Village at South Lake Tahoe, summer of 2005.  Falling in love with the artistís work was the easy part.  Keeping it in stock was not so easy.  Once the public started seeing it around and becoming familiar with the name, his framed prints were flying off the shelves!  

The little shop known as Artful Home soon became ďthe placeĒ to purchase Michael Godard art in Vegas.  They went from having a few select pieces of his art in their shop, to their shop being half occupied by the rendition of martiniís and olives.  

Today, the couple are proud owners of their brand new gallery and store inside the Rio Hotel and Casino. It is located on the second level in the Masquerade Village.  You can't miss the dramatic black backdrop of Godard's walking fruit and animated drinks.  Once you walk inside, you will be electrified and amazed by the art that seems to just jump right out at you.  You will find Limited Editions, prints and eveything else Godard! 

Michael Godard Art Gallery and Store offers the opportunity to purchase the Giclee's on Canvas, some of which are brand new releases and some sold out!  You will also find everything else Godard, such as some originals, large, nicely framed prints and mini prints, watches, all your cigar needs, clothing, books and so much more!

You will instantly become spellbound with the phenomenon known as Michael Godard and soon his name will become a household name just as it is in the Frey home!

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